Basic Dog Grooming Supplies

Dog Grooming Supplies

If you choose the proper dog grooming supplies and have the desire to groom your own dog, you can save a lot of money that you would spend on a professional groomer and have the satisfaction of keeping your pooch looking and feeling his best.

Dog Grooming Supplies

Most dogs have the same dog grooming needs, although some may require extra items, such as a rake or mat-breaker for dogs that are prone to tangles. Some basic dog grooming supplies are:

· Brushes and combs – Just like humans, dogs have different types of hair. Some are long and silky and prone to matting and some have stiff, short hair. There are many types of brushes and combs to fit your dog’s hair type, including bristle brushes and wire pin brushes.

· Shampoo – The shampoo you choose for your dog should be effective for the type of hair he has and the sensitivity of his skin. There are oatmeal shampoos for sensitive skin, medicated ones for certain skin or coat issues and tear-free ones that won’t burn your dog’s eyes.

· Ear Grooming – Don’t neglect your dog’s ears when grooming. You’ll need ear cleaners (never use peroxide), cotton balls and possible ear medications prescribed by your veterinarian.

· Clippers – Clippers aren’t needed for every dog. Short-hair dogs such as Chihuahuas won’t need to be clipped or shaved, but dogs with hair that grows long and continuous such as Shih Tzus, should be clipped on a regular basis to prevent tangles and matting.

· Nail Trimmers – Various types of nail trimmers can make trimming your dog’s nails easier and less traumatic. Choose from scissor trimmers for dogs with tiny nails or claw-style trimmers that are spring loaded. Be sure you know the techniques for trimming a dog’s nail before attempting the process.

The above list of dog grooming supplies will meet most of your dog’s grooming needs and will make the grooming process easier for you. Look in any dog supply catalog or browse through the aisles of a pet supply store and you’ll see a host of other items devoted to keeping your dog looking great.

The grooming process will usually strengthen the bond between a dog and his master, so it’s important to choose dog grooming supplies that will help your dog relax and enjoy the time with you.

You should ask your veterinarian if your particular type and breed of dog has special needs that would require you to purchase other types of dog grooming supplies. Online websites contain instructions on how to groom dogs and also suggest other supplies that you might need to make the grooming session a time of fun and pleasure for both you and your dog.

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